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Praying for each
and for those 
in our community


Batteau, Gail (Ted/Marilyn’s daughter; cancer)
Biby, Steve (cancer)
Bigham, Kay (broken hip)
Boling Heape, Sue (cancer)
Bolling, Beth & David
Boyd, Sally
Brown, Shannon (breast cancer)
Clark, Nell
Coleman, Janelle (breast cancer)
Crumbacher, Dean & Evelyn
Darnell, Addie (non-Hoskins lymphoma)
Downard, Annaleigh (kidneys)
Edwards, Bethany
Harsy, Patricia (Cecil Keene’s sister)
Holder, Judy (lung cancer)
Hurt, Marjorie (Pam Keene’s mother)
Hutchcraft, Diane
Keene, Cecil (broken foot)
Kroeger, Logan (cancer)
Marler, Marti & John
Mitchell, Dorothy
Montgomery, Kay (kidney problems)
Pick, Debbie (liver cancer)
Pick, Ellie (leg)

Pyatt, Marilyn
Pyatt, Ted
Reiman, Addis (Leukemia)
Rushing, Larry
Smith, Barb
Sprenger, Gary (Mary Miller’s brother-in-law)
Sronce, Laura (Margenthaler) (breast cancer)
Swayne, Sandy (Chris Martin’s aunt)
Thompson, Mark & Nancy

Wrenley Woodside

    (Shelbie Thompson Woodside's baby girl)


Praying for Missions

Shersty Stanton - Dominican Republic
Will Martin - Seminary
Jared & Desiraye Davis - Westchester Township, OH

105 S. Mill Street, Pinckneyville IL 62274

Office: (618) 357-2255; 

Pastor: Dr. Jay Lowder:

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