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Believing Together 

Our Doctrine


     As a church, we are broadly Evangelical and distinctively Baptist. That it, we recognize that there are genuine saved believers in other type of churches and denominations who all affirm the most basic biblical doctrines necessary to experience personal salvation. 


Very succinctly those are:

1) Justification by Faith

2) Human Sinfulness

3) The Deity of Christ

4) The Trinity

5) The Authority of Scripture,


      While we extend our fellowship and love to "regenerated" (John 3:3) believers in other churches, we also affirm that we are committed to the Baptist tradition's interpretations of smaller doctrinal issues. He hold these truths to be clearly evident in Scripture and bind ourselves together as a family under these distinctives.

     These Baptist distinctives are summarized in the "Baptist Faith and Message, 2000" that all Southern Baptist Churches affirm. It can be read here. Or download it hereOur pastor, Dr. Jay Lowder, has a Ph.D. in Philosophy and graduate training in Systematic Theology and World Religions. He would be happy to chat with you about what we believe and why.

105 S. Mill Street, Pinckneyville IL 62274

Office: (618) 357-2255; 

Pastor: Dr. Jay Lowder:

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